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About us

SANTA RITA FILMES is a film and TV production company primarily focused on fiction and interested in strong and current issues, tailored both for the Portuguese and international audiences. Founded in 2017, we are a growing, highly experienced team of established and new talent, bringing together original and ground-breaking projects.

At Santa Rita we thrive on developing our own ideas as well as creating partnerships within international projects. We value creators at the heart of the projects, support them with in-house script doctoring and help their work find its audience, always looking for the ideal balance between high audience ratings and excellence. Our experienced sales and distribution department is present in every stage of each project, thus providing insights and guidance – from inception to production – as to what both the market and viewers are looking for.

In commercial work, our know-how as regards fiction and storytelling is also helping our clients strengthen and deepen the relationship with their audiences. Based in Lisbon, a very sought-after film production destination, we are prepared to play host even to the most high-profile productions, enabling access to the best crews, equipment and locations.