It is 1979. Four young ladies are hired to form a girl band.
They can sing, they shine with their dancing, and they shock the country…
They become a big hit.
They are DOCE.


Teresa Miguel – EXIGENT  

Pragmatic and disciplined, she is the most experienced in life and as a dancer taking control of the group’s dance routines. Having been a part of Gemini and the Crazy Horse cabaret, the stressed out and frantic smoker is the mother figure and protector turning four individual characters into a cohesive group.

Lena Coelho –  EXCITING

Independent and irreverent, the youngest of the group is also their enfant terrible capable of answering the cheeky comebacks of the most unrestrained members of the public in the same way. Raised in the wings of show business and having been a part of Gemini and Cocktail, she tries to balance out the group’s rise to fame with her mother’s serious disease. 

Laura Diogo – EXUBERANT 

Determined and sensitive, she is the most insecure one due to not having a past in the music world having taken a journey in the fashion world, which put her on Zé Carlos’ radar, the group’s fashion designer. She makes up for her initial inexperience with a sharp sense for business being the one who discusses and takes care of the group’s contracts, accounts, and tours.  

Fá Padinha – EXPLOSIVE 

Intelligent yet wild, her journey through Gemini and the Green Windows made her the most experienced singer in the group. She makes up for her explosive temper with a musical instinct being the one who directs the group’s vocal harmonies. 



  • Cucha Cavalheiro
  • Filipa Martins
  • Patrícia Sequeira


  • Patrícia Sequeira