Elegant and discreet. Fearless and a dreamer. All this was Ebba Merete Seidenfaden, the Danish publisher who became known as Snu Abecassis, and who defied Portuguese dictatorship in the name of love, culture and literacy. Her affair with Prime Minister Francisco de Sá Carneiro shocked post-revolutionary Portugal in the 70s as their romance flew in the face of the prevailing conventions. “Snu” recounts her story since she moved to Lisbon with her husband Vasco Abecassis in the 1960s and devoted herself to her new publishing house, releasing controversial books. Defying the PIDE (International and State Defence Police), Snu has left no one indifferent to her strong and fighting personality. At that time, Snu was far from imagining that her life would change completely from the moment she agreed to have lunch with one the interviewees for the collection of books “Participate”. He was Francisco Sá Carneiro and would be the great love of her life. Inspired by true events, “Snu” tells their story of love and bravery until the couple died in a plane crash, the details of which are still murky and controversial nearly forty years later.


There is no happy ending to this story, we all know that, but it is the tale of such love and bravery. Snu and Sá Carneiro were happy together and not even death split them up. They decided to be happy in the face of all opposition, and by going public with their love, they contributed to a change in social relations. In the eyes of society, particularly the political class, this relationship was upsetting. Although they were constantly involved in scandals, our heroes broke barriers and made important social and political changes. Both of them wanted to change Portugal. This film combines Nordic restraint with a crazy passion. The silent solitude with the noisy crowds. The cold winter with the heat of desire. Snu and Sá Carneiro are made of contrasts. On this journey to Portugal in the 70s, we follow the complex ways of politics and their forbidden romance, we cross fiction and reality using real, unique, and unrepeatable images of key moments in their lives and in the country. I am also interested in the matter of women in society back then, so we are driven by Snu, who had lived in Denmark, Sweden, England, and the United States, and when she arrives in Portugal she finds a poor country falling behind, a country where women took a back seat. She chose to stay and contribute towards change through her publisher. Portugal in the 70s shows us a contrast between her ideals and society. Who we were in the past helps us to understand who we are today.  Patrícia Ferraz de Sequeira


Main Cast

  • Inês Castel-Branco
  • Pedro Almendra
  • Inês Rosado
  • Simon Frankel
  • Rodrigo Tomás Isabel
  • Maria João Pinho
  • Nádia Santos
  • Ana Nave
  • João Reis


  • Patrícia Sequeira

Director of Photography

  • João Ribeiro, A.I.P.


  • Cláudia Clemente
  • Patrícia Sequeira

Historical Consultant

  • Helena Matos

First Assistant Director

  • César Fernandes
  • Miguel Raposo

Art Director

  • Ana Vaz


  • Silvia Grabowski 


  • Loudness Films


  • Pedro Ribeiro

Sound Editing

  • Elsa Ferreira
  • Ivan Neskov

Sound Mix

  • Branko Neskov C.A.S.


  • Santa Rita Filmes, Skydreams Entertainment



Portugal Premiere

  • 07/03/2019


  • 90 minuntes